Why this youth will always be green.

As a youth of a mere 19 years, I have come to an understanding that perhaps my thoughts and ideas towards how this country should be run, may not hold as much credibility or power as those of the broader population of tax payers.

Yes, I may not have a mortgage or a full time job and I may still be trying to find my place in this world, but the fact is I do have a voice and like all youth of voting age, my voice does count. There are around 40,000 new voters out there, all with the ability to put pen to ballot paper. Whether they will or not is a different matter. I mean why should we care who or who doesn’t secure a seat in the senate? What do we care about what Nationals or Liberals or what any other party stands for? What’s in it for us? Not much apparently.

While youths make up a large proportion of voters, I’m afraid that it would be right to assume that many won’t make the most of their democratic right. Is it because these youth, fresh out of school, perhaps still living at home, perhaps traveling or participating in further education, aren’t truly considered in government policy. Are we merely a foot note? A throw away line at the end of a policy announcement, in the middle of a debate? Come on Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, what’s in it for us? I know I don’t give a rats ass about boat people or mining taxes. I’m not getting sick anytime soon, I’ve never been to hospital, I’m no longer at high school, so I don’t care about the public school system. All these policies all these reforms, only the older age brackets will see these affect them in the short term.

Will I notice a difference between a Labor government or a Liberal, despite the slight disdain and embarrassment I will feel for having some monkey puppet of a Prime Minister representing my country. I mean I’ve just gotten over Howard and those eyebrows and mock worthy voice. At least when K-Rudd was P.M. he was perceived by me to be some sort of nerdy secret agent, thanks very much to Rove. The things that matter to me, the things that strike a cord with my youth orientated consciousness, haven’t really been addressed in these completely boring and staged campaigns.

As a youth of Australia, I want to be sure that this country will be left in a rich and healthy state, so by the time my generation inherits it, and raise their own children, they will be able to enjoy all the natural diversity and resources that previous generations have experienced in unlimited supply. I want to know that everything is not going to be chewed up and consumed so that there is nothing left for us or our children. I want to know that our reefs will still be beautiful and teeming with fish, that our forests are still full and lush and abundant with our native animals and that out waterways and wetlands are clean, clear and flowing freely.

Yes, I want our environment to be an issue that is on the forefront of government policy. I want climate change to be taken seriously and acted upon in a smart and timely matter. I want renewable energies to be put into practice, for homes to have their own water tanks and for life destructing oil and coal to be given the old heave ho.
I’m not asking for much. I just want the people who are put in place to take care of this country to be conscious of the world around them. We can’t afford to take what we have for granted any longer. Our resources, our environment, our climate must be looked after.

So guess what? That’s why I support the Greens, as do a hefty amount of my fellow young people. The Greens understand that the youth of this country have a voice, and it must be heard. Soon we’ll be the majority. We will bring our forward thinking and collective consciousness to the forefront and embrace the way this country will have to be run for it’s survival. I just hope that we won’t have to wait, and that paths will be made by out current government to smoothly bring in the people of the future.

For more on the Green’s policies click here.

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2 thoughts on “Why this youth will always be green.

  1. Ben Johnson says:

    A fair point is made about the environment and its need to be at the forefront of party policy. However it can’t be the only point. Ecological and economical sectors are intertwined and interdependent, one cannot be looked after without addressing the needs of the other. This is where the greens have gone wrong, the greens believe in abolishing the free-market, one which is conducive to liberty and freedom financially and one which has helped this economy to continue to grow. The Australian Green’s do not embrace the relationship between environment and economy which is why they will not be getting my vote this saturday. For the Green’s to reach their full potential as a political party, be taken seriously by all voters and to have their voice and presence be advantageous in the senate, they must diversify their policies.

    • abbeyh91 says:

      That’s all good Ben, may I interest you in visiting the link below to see the very diverse range of Green’s policies that they have on their website. 🙂

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