The Gym: A Place to Embrace the Unco Within.

There’s no better place to showcase my innate lack of co-ordination than my local gym. There’s no shame in it. I admit to looking like a spazzed out praying mantis whilst participating in Zumba classes. I don’t try to hide the fact that whilst doing steps I get confused when the combination gets just a little more complicated. Alright, it was a little embarrassing when I couldn’t work out how to adjust the seat on the cycling machine, only managing to figure out the really tall setting and the really short one. I probably should have booked a time for an introductory to the weights and weight machines, as right now most of them seem too difficult, and for me, most likely very dangerous. In Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates class I try to keep my balance and centre my core, all the while being in awe and amazement of women three times my age doing it ten times better than I ever could.

But you know it doesn’t really matter how un-co I look or feel, the important thing is that I’m getting fit and reaping the unlimited benefits of exercise, right? It doesn’t matter that nearly every Boxercise lesson I manage to take some amount of skin off my knuckles, and by the end of the lesson my definition of a push up is lowering about two centimeters. Or the fact that I started a session on a spin bike on the hardest setting. I couldn’t work out how to adjust it so I kept on peddling, making my legs absolutely dead for the rest of it.

I suppose I just have to get into it. Pump that iron. Have the Rocky theme song constantly running through my head. There was this one girl who, whilst boxing, pulled more faces than Jim Carrey in a B grade comedy. She didn’t care, she was into it. It looked absolutely ridiculous and I had to stop myself from laughing, but then again I have to do the same thing when I see myself in the mirror trying to shimmy in Zumba class.

So I say, embrace the unco-ordinated within. I shouldn’t be worried about my appearance, I should just be having fun…

Of course this is in the comfort of an all womens gym… Perhaps it would be a different story with a bunch of hot, buff gym guys around…

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