The Umbrella Dilemma

As it stands I have two different ways of getting to work – I walk with an umbrella when it’s raining, or I ride my bike when it’s not. It’s all very simple and works perfectly for one without a car, or for that fact a license, except one fatal flaw: predicting the weather. Take today for example, it rained a lot yesterday, and looking at the clouds this morning it seemed apparent that it would rain again today. It didn’t. I was slightly mortified. I had carried a big cumbersome umbrella to and from work for no reason. I had walked to and from work when I could have ridden. But, hey, sometimes I don’t mind walking. Sure, after work my feet are a tad sore from standing up for a whole three hours (Yep, seriously, three hours. I’m used to ten, but you know my feet still don’t like it), but I get to listen to my Ipod, and I can go down a street that isn’t swarming with high school students coming home or skipping off to the plaza.

To explain further, when I ride my bike I always go down School Rd, as it is in a continuous line to my house and has an all important dip for building up speed and cruising – good for bike, bad for person who doesn’t like a bunch of teenagers walking all over the road and, in my mind, looking at me…oh and they take forever to get out of the way…As for the other thing, I could technically listen to my Ipod whist riding, however if a song comes up that I want to skip, or I want to change the volume or any other action, it’s a potentially dangerous and awkward process, that most likely results in myself losing some balance and control on the bike and my headphones falling out, which is damn annoying trying to squish them back into my ears after navigating the chin strap on my helmet. So walking does have its advantages…it’s just that useless umbrella that gets to me.

Though today, as I walked, hoping that it would rain so that I looked like the smart one who brought the umbrella, I pondered the other uses of such a tool, and imagined that it could possibly used as a self-defense weapon, (a strange thought considering that I was walking down a bright and open footpath running down the back of a primary school), and this amused me, and the umbrella wasn’t so cumbersome. After all if some lunatic jumped from the bushes I could hook the end around their foot, pull them from the ground and arise victorious, holding my umbrella up in the air in triumph!

Eh hem…Then again perhaps I should just hurry up and get my license…Cars are a good place to stash useless umbrellas…


2 thoughts on “The Umbrella Dilemma

  1. oli says:

    but then you have to pay for parking abbey

  2. Fraser says:

    Cars can be just as fun to deal with trust me… I haven’t even transferred the rego off my new car and I’ve already got problems.

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