I Imagine, therefore I am…

So lately I’ve been finding my life to be a little less than interesting. Wait, rephrase that, in most ways it’s an absolute bore. But somehow I’ve managed to survive this period in my life that I have inadvertently chosen for myself, and I accredit it all to my thriving and over active imagination. You see in using my imagination I have found that I can totally flip the utter mundane occurrences of my life, on their heads, and create something far more entertaining for my mind to focus on. As I have learned, watching the clock tick by slowly just makes anything boring seem utterly excruciating, and focusing on the negative aspects of life can be just down right depressing.

By kicking my thought machine into overdrive, everything I do just seems that bit more interesting. Using my imagination, suddenly I’m not just standing behind a counter serving food to people for three hours a day, I’m engaging in a study of human behavior, watching the various creatures of the food court buzz around and documenting their social interactions. In my mind I’m not a front counter worker at a fast food restaurant, I’m a research analyst.

And the fact that I only work 12 hours a week? No matter! Whilst I’m looking for more work, I’m not a poor, barely employed sap, scrounging my acorns together in a fairly small savings account, I’m an artist, spending my free time on my neglected works and creating something amazing that will surely make me very, very wealthy.

I can even apply this method of embellishing on my routine gym sessions. In my head I’m not some socially deprived and unfit person who kills her time by working out most afternoons, I’m a wannabe adventurer on a strict training program, aiming to be fit enough for a grueling bicycle tour around Vietnam or a long harrowing trek through the Andes!

Yes my life is boring! I have an unsatisfying job that makes me very little money and I can’t seem to find myself a social life whilst my friends are off doing their own thing, and I’m stuck here…in Maroochydore…in the suburbs, when I very much prefer the country. But nevertheless it isn’t so bad. As long as I have the capacity to create something awesome in my head I think I’ll survive this dull, yet short-lived part of my life, replacing it with a reality that is far more bearable than what I’m in at the moment.

After all I’m not really some boring 19-year-old person who still lives with her parents, I’m a writer! …and an astronaut, and a research scientist, and a food critic, and a secret agent, and a two tonne purple dragon with yellow poker dots that breathes M&M’s instead of fire and crushes puny humans in its Kung Fu grip…Okay, maybe I’ll just go with writer, that’s what I’ve been telling myself anyhow…

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2 thoughts on “I Imagine, therefore I am…

  1. Deb says:

    I know one writer who would have been in as much awe as I am, after reading your wonderful articles. Yes, Leigh would have immensely enjoyed your imaginary, witty and spiritual views on life. I certainly am, and eager to read more of your writing as I find myself gripping enjoyably on to every word. Let’s face it Abbey, to be a writer takes imagination….. therefore you are!

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