Time keeps on slippin’…into the future…

I was once told that time is an illusion. While the sun does set when we predict and rise when our clocks hit the appropriate number in the A.M, so much of the man made concept of time involves our own perception.

When I was at school I used to be incredibly finicky about what time I would go to bed. 8.30 on the dot. I don’t know why, but for some reason I had in my mind that if I didn’t get the correct hours of sleep on a school night my whole world would be severely impacted and I would lose the capacity to function properly. Ironically on some nights I would stress so much about getting to sleep on time that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at all. Now, of course, I go to bed when I’m tired, like any normal, sane person would do… But the truth is that time still does stress me. How much free time I have for myself before I start work, how much time I have to prepare before I take my driving test, how much time I have to save money to be able to go on my next planned travel adventure, and how much time I’m wasting not doing exactly what I want to do and what I find brings me joy…Time! You are a cruel mistress. A big metaphorical clock sitting in a tower, pointing down at me and laughing. If only I could evade your tangled snare and learn how to live completely in the moment.

But, alas, (yes I said alas), this ability still seems to elude me. Time seems to be slipping away. The days seem shorter. The months fly by. (I mean Christmas is nearly here? When did that happen?) And before I know it I’ll be an old lady spinster, complaining about young people, and probably surrounded by many cats. Though, hopefully, by then I will have come to terms with the illusion of time, and needn’t worry about living my life by the clock.


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