…And another thing about the future

I’m floating in a void. It’s very dark and I can’t see anything before me. I’m just doing little flips, quite carefree but ultimately directionless. I’m not complaining. However, lately I have seem to be sighing ‘I don’t know’ when any thought of the future pops up. This isn’t a terrible thing. Yet the unknown is a cause of fear for many, and unfortunately a cause for my own fear as well. It would be oh so convenient to gaze into a swirling crystal ball and see the journey ahead. To avoid all obstacles, to circumnavigate foolish mistakes, yet quite frankly that doesn’t sound like much fun at all. Come to think of it I declare that knowing the future would sap all the excitement out of human experience. Unless of course you’re gazing in on a future winning pool of lotto numbers…

To take life as it comes, ride the dips and crests of the road and hope it all works out for the better. That’s a mantra I can try to live by. Nevertheless a little planning doesn’t go astray. I plan to not be a dole bludger, that’s a start. I also plan to make millions and millions off my yet to be finished novel, that’s a dream. One can’t count out dreams in the planning process.

I was asked the other day ‘what is your life plan?’. ‘I don’t know’. That would be my immediate response. Ignorant, confused, frivolous. I’d think on that for a moment and try to sound more decisive…’I don’t know, but whatever it is, I’m living it’. I have no idea where I’m going to end up, but wherever I do, I’m sure it will be perfect. The way it was always supposed to be.


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