Update much?

The other day I told someone that I have a blog.
“Do you update regularly?” came the question.
…Uh, not recently.
“It’s hard, isn’t it?”
…Yes, yes it is. I think I know what the problem is. All the blogs I read have some sort of theme. They comment on a specific area of interest, they share knowledge and personal experience. I write about my life and thoughts I have about my life. Here’s the thing. My life is bo-o-o-oring. Emphasis on the boring part. Hence the long lags between posts. Do I think I have something witty and interesting to say every week? Not really.

The last thing of note I remember happening to me was an encounter with someone quite bizarre that wanted to argue that he knew the menu of where I work better than me. Me. Someone who has been taking burger orders for nearly a year now.

Oh, yes, I’m sorry sir, you’re completely right, that burger does come with chilli and that one doesn’t. The six bazillion orders I’ve taken before yours must have all been a mistake! And yes, they must have changed the menu on you, because you couldn’t possibly be WRONG. *smile politely* Here’s you are, have a great day!

I’m perfectly genial and I still don’t get a thank you, just suspect eye language. P-uh-lease. Uh, uh girlfriend. No way. Don’t even.

Anyways. Don’t you hate it when your dog is doing something cute and you race to get the camera and when you come back they’re not doing it anymore?
You see, this is interesting stuff! Oh, Abbey, why don’t you blog more often?

Perhaps I should find a topic I’m interested in rather than complaining about customers and my musings on umbrellas and the tip. I don’t feel I have the expertise to comment on any such exterior topics though. Maybe, if I wander beyond the confines of my bedroom and the shopping center 1km down the road I’ll find my self with more to talk about. That’s if anyone is listening. I shouldn’t assume that any one wants me to talk more

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