My Tea Smells Like Marijuana

I must preface this post with a devious distraction from the lack of subject matter it contains.

Quick! Look over there >>>

It’s a member of the feline community engaging in a humorous act!

The juxtaposition of the human social context against the ignorant, adorableness of the cat is just delicious. *chortle, chortle, chortle*

Okay, so it didn’t work. I have nothing of importance to say – aside from did anyone watch the new Sunday line up on Channel Ten? YTT is just like every annoying YouTube, Ellen appearing, child prodigy that has ever graced our TV and computer screens, congealing together into a sickly sweet mush. That said, I didn’t mind it. Modern Family is always good value. New Girl is awesome. First time I saw it I was like ‘eh’ –  Zooey Deschanel and her delightful ‘adorkableness’ (yes, that is a word now…whaaaat?) being the only redeeming feature, but trust me as it continues the characters start to grow on you. Especially Schmidt and all his douchebaggery. Pretty damn funny. (Don’t ask me how I’ve seen all the episodes from the States already – I’m just cool that way – and I know you know how I have…just shush) Oh, and then there was Homeland. I don’t normally watch those intense crime/war drama things that are perfect award bait with all their mentally damaged characters – but dang, Claire Danes is pretty spesh. She’s sure come along way from those angel wings and pashing Leonardo DiCaprio, *sigh*. Homeland was worth staying up in my empty house in the middle of a rainstorm, just for her performance. Bravo.

That’s it. I’m sure you’re waiting for me to tell you about my tea. But, you know…

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