Sardines on Toast? Yes, please.

Under house arrest on a rainy day? When the heavens part and the deluge falls and little rivers run down your driveway, what may I ask do we do with all this gloomy, blanket wrapped time?

I think Jack Johnson had the right idea about spending it in bed, preferably with the accompaniment of banana pancakes. I’ve got the pancake theory down pat with a good old recipe from ‘Cooking Maleny Style’, a book that has a sketched drawing of my old Primary School on the front. Mmm, tasty nostalgia.

Cooking pancakes must also be complimented with the appropriate music, and my winning vocals as I sing (wail) along. The pancakes then must follow me to my bedroom computer where old episodes of my favourite, cheesy, 90’s supernatural show await a repeat viewing.

Of course I could be using my time wisely by trying to find some sort of inspiration for my novel writing… You’d think a rainy, solitary day like today, with the sound of raindrops outside my window, and the dim cold that has me retreated behind my stripy doona, would be enough to stir some creative juices. But no, the only juice I’ll be stirring is the lemon juice that goes on top of my pancakes, along with a generous sprinkle of sugar – and this makes me think that if this lazy weather continues I’ll probably eat myself into a small, food induced coma.

Yes, perhaps I could engage in some lounge room exercise, like beating the crap out of some bobble-head Mii in Wii boxing… Oh, how much satisfaction I get from smiting my enemy with my imaginary fists of fury! I must say though that some of the exercises make you look like quite the tool – like thrusting your hips round in circles trying not to drop that invisible hula hoop. And it’s totally not awkward when your friendly neighbour walks in whilst your marching on the spot and throwing and twirling phantom batons in the air in your little rhythm parade… So the likelihood of me doing this? Not so good.

But there is a certainty that I’ll be ending this day with a nice, hot bubble bath, cause you know, after all that strenuous work I definitely deserve it.

P.S. This post once again has nothing to do with its subject title. Tricked ya! Oh, Abbey how wonderfully conniving you are.

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