There’s an Ewok on my Bed

This, quite possibly, could be the laziest post in the history of this blog, and quite possibly, the most insightful at the same time. Not because I’m trying my hand at a Dalai Lama impersonation, but because you’ll get a greater insight into what I’m about. The laziness of it? Well, these little musings below are just what I scribble down in times of boredom or waiting for videos on the internet to load. I just put my orange, green, blue or purple (amongst other colours) pen to paper and write down whatever inspires me. Usually I just ramble, lately that ramble has crossed over into the rhyming variety.

Yes, don’t run away. I’m going to say it, so please calm those tenth grade English flashbacks. Poetry. The most personal thing you could ever share and I’m about to, right here for all to see.

These two little ditties are about the one thing in my life that appears constant and unwavering, you know, besides my family, my spirituality. No, I have not been smoking the special stuff…that was yesterday. You see, I kid about this because I’m delaying. So whaddup angels? This one’s for you, you crazy cats.

I write to express myself
To release my worries
And not store them on the shelf

This is what brings me peace
and some sense of calm
Speaking with my angels
Those who keep me from harm

I believe that they are always there
To guide and watch over me
To help me dream and love
And teach me empathy

I am never lost, nor hopeless
Never alone, nor afraid
I feel them standing beside me
For they have never strayed

Give me the strength, let me live
A life free from fear
One where I’m free to give
Openly and honestly
Without limit or grief

… and this one’s for you universe

Waiting here for life to begin
To fall into the vortex
And embrace all within
To conquer fear
Frustration and sin

To fly amongst the universe
Through the ups and downs and traverse
Over the illusions made by man
To see it all, everything I can

To feel the light inside of us all
To take great risk
And still stand tall
To aim as high as possible
Unafraid to fall

To hold destiny in the palm of your hand
To spread the word across the land
That you are god, and so am I
I call upon angels on high
To see beyond the earthly lies

Well that’s it. I call it free verse to avoid any such ‘rules’ of poetry. I built it up too much didn’t I?

PS. Another one of my subversive titles – but there actually is a stuffed Ewok on my bed. He’s keeping Simba company…

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2 thoughts on “There’s an Ewok on my Bed

  1. i am always impressed with poets who still rhyme. everyone is so submerged in free verse these days. refreshing. i hope you consider submitting to our literary journal the ganesha gazette. 🙂

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