Most Everyone Is Mad Here

Everyone has to be at least a little bit mad or a little bit weird.

I recall someone saying to me that I was the weirdest person they had ever met, yet upon reflection they conceded that if everyone was the same, the world would be mighty boring. I’m not so concerned with the world, I’m more concerned with boring myself. After all I only have to spend my whole life with myself, and a healthy injection of weird every now and again mixes up the relationship. If others cannot appreciate my sense of humour, I can be comforted by the fact that at least I am amusing myself.

So, when you’re met with the questioning stare of those baffled by your random unconscious bursts of weirdness, revel in the awkwardness, because you’re hilarious on the inside, and didn’t your mumma ever tell you ‘it’s what’s in the inside that counts’? Like if you have to, have to, have to, sing the rest of the lyric someone unintentionally said in the midst of deep philosophical conversation, where you have to offer pieces of knowledge you think as truth. When someone says ‘There is good and bad in everyone’ – why not reply in song ‘If we learn to live, learn to give each other, what we need to survive, together alive…’?  It is a Stevie Wonder classic after all, and you may just save the moment in the bank to laugh over how ridiculous it sounded later.

Too specific?

I had a miniature fit in my car once, when I reached over to change gears with the water bottle sitting on the seat next to me, instead of the gear stick… Potentially dangerous, yet otherwise amusing. I surprise myself. Sometimes by dancing in public places. And I just realised that sometimes I wish life was like a musical. Mundane tasks would appear interesting. Every time I wash my car, Car Wash would play and random sea life would swim around, one suspiciously sounding like Will Smith.

Yes, I’m sure some of you have had a musical vision of your life before. Because, like I said, everyone is just a little bit mad.

“Most everyone is mad here.”

I’m not too fond of the age old trope that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness. As mumma always says, everyone is always talking to themselves in their head, some of us just like to say it out loud.

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