Seven Dwarves Personality Syndrome: Today I’m Grumpy

I’m running, out of breath, leaping over hurdles. I’ve tripped over the last one, smacked my face into the ground and now have to drag my increasingly swollen ankle across the finish line. 

This is my metaphor for the last two weeks of uni. 

But maybe I’m just grumpy. I wasn’t very helpful in short story workshopping today. I didn’t even attempt the constructive criticism sandwich, or whatever the hell it’s called. 




The blandest sandwich ever. Here’s my sandwich.

Crunchy sourdough toast

Avocado, Smoked Salmon, Capers, Cream Cheese, Spanish Onion

Crunchy sourdough toast

That’s a sandwich. Don’t talk about sandwiches unless you are taking my order or making me a sandwich. 

Anyways, in my tired and hungry state I just wanted to say ‘I didn’t like it’ and not have to explain why. Or, which I did say, ‘don’t listen to me, if the marker likes it then don’t change it.’ Really, my opinion means shit all. As my teacher, kind of, in a round about way, with probably no intention, let me know. 

Here’s a conclusion: You can’t please everyone. Especially die hard fans of a genre that will meticulous pick apart any whiff of a plot hole, and me.  

You can never please me when I’m tired and hungry. 

Now where’s my sandwich?

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