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Three Things I Take for Granted that Not Everyone Knows About

Idealistic teenager as I was, I began this blog as mainly a forum for my alternate health views, preaching about the use of poisonous artificial sweeteners in diet soft drinks and heavy metals in deodorants. Interesting stuff, I know, but for some reason not as interesting as sarcastic anecdotes about my everyday life, my now usual blog fodder. I’m not standing on my soapbox, however, thinking that I’m bringing enlightenment to the blogosphere, I’m merely reflecting that I, being raised by a mother who spends a healthy majority of her time researching and testing out alternative health products, take for granted that not everyone in the world has been educated in certain products that are truly helpful and wonderful for everyday health.

So, here we are people. You may already be on these bandwagons…

Number One: Coconut Oil (Natural, not hydrogenated)

Topically, it’s a great moisturiser, can assist with skin conditions like eczema and scarring, is an antioxidant, an antibacterial and anti fungal that can be used on cuts and wounds, and a hair conditioner that can also help with dandruff.

Internally, it can lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, dissolve kidney stones, support a healthy thyroid, can help speed up your metabolism, beneficial to asthma sufferers, regulates blood sugar, rich source of fibre and vitamins, can boost the immune system, assists in the absorption of calcium and magnesium, is heat-resistant and doesn’t turn into that nasty kind of fat (trans fatty acid) when you heat it, like other oils can, and the list goes on…

Plus things fried in coconut oil are way tasty…

Number Two: Apple Cider Vinegar (Raw, with the ‘Mother’ – filtered or altered ACV doesn’t have any of these benefits)

Topically, it can help with body odor, reduce, and in some cases, cure acne, reduce the appearance of age spots and also cellulite.

Internally, it can speed up your metabolism and help with weight loss, it can control high blood sugar levels, and in some cases is used to help with diabetes, is a natural cure for stomach problems like not being able to go loo and going to the loo too much…, and also beneficial for cases of bad breath.

ACV, however, does taste a bit gross, and I cringe whenever my mum suggests I take some. But really, with those health benefits, even I’d be willing to suck it up.

Number Three: Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is silver put through an electromagnetic process and mixed into distilled water, the silver then being small enough to pass through the membranes of cells. It is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics known to man. It is helpful against acne, allergies, arthritis, athlete’s foot, boils, burns, candida, cystitis, diabetes, eczema, hay fever, indigestion, parasitic infections, psoriasis, ringworm, warts, and yeast infections.

Personally, I use it for scratchy or sore throats, as it has amazing antibacterial properties. It actually helps me when I have a cold too, so props to the colloidal silver.

So,  there they are folks, three natural remedies that are pretty ace (yes, I did just say ace). So, use them, continue to use them, go nuts and stay healthy.

Until next time…Bonsoir (I’m about to go to French Class)

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Rexona: It may let you down

Aluminium. What do you naturally associate with the word? Most people might say: metal, cans, door frames, beams or other construction materials, but as of late if someone proposed that question to me, I would answer ‘deodorant’. I find it a little off that I would be identifying such a metal with a substance that goes on my skin, especially one that I put directly on open pores that are supposed to dispel toxins from my body, not let them in.

I came to draw this association after wandering up and down the deodorant aisle at my local chemist warehouse, trying to find an antiperspirant that didn’t contain Aluminium Chlorohydrate, and being very unsuccessful. I was searching for an alternative for my tea tree based roll on (something my mum gave me after being concerned about the aluminium in my regular deodorant) as I don’t particularly enjoy smelling like a disinfectant, and was surprised to find that even brands advertising the words ‘natural’ and ‘mineral’ on their packaging, still had that dreaded aluminium high on their ingredient lists. There really isn’t much choice in the way of ‘aluminium free’ on the shelves of chemists or supermarkets. Sure, there seems to be a lot of options on the internet, but I’m not so accustomed to having my personal hygiene items shipped to me, as if I run out of deodorant I’m more likely to put it on my mum’s shopping list than hop on a computer.

With all this uproar on my part about the lack of deodorant options, I’d like to make it clear that I am aware that there is still open debate on the fact that aluminium in deodorants is actually harmful. Some people like to point out the lack of evidence or the inconclusive testing of those who are adamant that it is harmful. Trolling the various internet pages on the subject, one study keeps popping up in people’s arguments against the harm of aluminium in deodorant, a study that found high levels of aluminium in the breast tissue closest to the skin of 17 patients diagnosed with breast cancer. They say that it was too small a test group, that there wasn’t a control, and that women who didn’t have breast cancer weren’t tested, and that other parts of the body of patients weren’t tested for aluminium either. My thought about this was: if they’re not satisfied with the research, then why don’t they do their own?

If aluminium isn’t harmful then why have there been regulations put in place for companies to clearly display that they have the substance in their products? Why are some even required to but black warning labels on their cans saying that aluminium may be harmful to health?

Yes, the debate is still out on this subject matter, and it looks to me like it’s not going to be settled any time soon. I mean what company is going to hold themselves accountable for adding to the risk of disease? So I conclude that perhaps smelling like a pungent tree leaf isn’t so bad, it’s better than B.O, and for all I know it could be saving me from turning my body into a poison dumping ground.

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What drink would you like with that?

I have a job. That job requires me to sell fast food to anyone wanting to buy, asking them questions and giving them options to cater to their wants and needs. That all sounds very simple and easy… that is until I get to the question that may result in myself inwardly cringing at the answer.”What drink would you like with that?” I ask, cheerfully and as helpful as possible, hoping that this customer won’t choose to have me hand them a can or bottle of poison. That this customer won’t choose bloody Diet Coke or Coke Zero. I think to myself, sure, all these drinks are filled with sugar and additives, but for the love of god at least they don’t contain that little ingredient called aspartame, something I’m surprised is even allowed to be associated with the things we put into our bodies.

What is aspartame you may ask? To put it quite simply: poison, or in a more languished way: an artificial sweetener made up of aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol, pretty much putting it under the category of a chemical poison. Now I don’t know about you, but this kind of freaks me out. All of our health regulators obviously gave the okay for aspartame to be used in food and drink products, even though we don’t really know the long, long-term effects of over consumption. This chemical has already been linked to symptoms of headaches/migraines, dizziness, seizures, nausea, numbness, muscle spasms, weight gain, rashes, depression, fatigue, irritability, tachycardia, insomnia, vision problems, hearing loss, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, loss of taste, tinnitus, vertigo, memory loss, and joint pain (1) …and that’s just a selection of ninety different symptoms reported to the FDA. Continue reading

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