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Gap Years are just great…

As I graduated from grade 12 in 2008, the prospect of engaging in further study straight after I had just freed myself from ever having to do another High School exam or assignment again, seemed completely daft and unnecessary to me. While getting a good O.P. made me feel all giddy inside and provided me with welcome accolades from my parents, the truth was I didn’t really need it. I hadn’t applied to any universities and I wasn’t hell-bent on getting into any particular course. I just filed my little piece of academic paper away in a folder with all my other school report cards, and focused on doing something completely unscholarly. I cringed at the thought of my friends delving back into the text books for another 4 years or so, and felt sorry that they hadn’t chosen to do what I thought the obvious thing to do after being released from the educational system – take a gap year.  What better way to expand your horizons, gain a broader view of the world and put things into perspective. Having a break from study and just seeing and experiencing what else was out there seemed like a totally liberating idea, one that could give me a taste of my own independence. Continue reading

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